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Royal Television Society Nominees

We are pleased to announce that we’ve been nominated for two RTS Scotland Awards 2023 🎉🍾✨

🌟 Alannah Carson & Jamie Grandison Nominated for On-Screen Personality: Our charismatic presenters of Style Fixers, Alannah Carson & Jamie Grandison, have been nominated for the On-Screen Personality category. Their incredible hosting skills, charisma, and ability to connect with viewers have made them stand out among the best in the industry.

🌟 'Kids' TV: The Surprising Story' Nominated for Entertainment and Features Category: Aired on BBC ONE on October 2022, as part of the BBC’s 100th anniversary programming, Konnie Huq celebrates the very best of British children’s television, with a dazzling array of clips from some of the most treasured programmes ever made, and revealing chats with some of TV’s most beloved stars. The winners of the RTS Scotland Programme Awards 2023 will be announced on Thursday, 08 June. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the nominees and express our gratitude to our dedicated team, without whom these achievements would not have been possible. We are truly honoured to be recognised among the best, and we look forward to the ceremony with great anticipation. Stay tuned for more updates and join us in celebrating the incredible talent behind our TV programmes at the RTS Scotland Programme Awards 2023!

The Black Alien Project

Mighty Productions is proud to announce the upcoming release of their latest documentary film ‘The Black Alien Project’, on C4 Docs YouTube Channel, on June 11th at 6pm. This thought-provoking film takes audiences on an exclusive journey as presenter and filmmaker Arthur Bruel, delves into the life of Anthony Loffredo, a Frenchman who has undergone extreme body modifications in order to transform himself into an alien.

Anthony, widely known as ‘The Black Alien’ among his 1.3 million followers, has dedicated his life to modifying his appearance to truly identify with his body. This ‘evolution’ process includes full-body tattoos, amputation of his nose, lips, ears and fingers, tooth-sharpening and tongue-forking. However, the most radical procedure is still to come - amputating a leg and replacing it with a robotic one.

Throughout the documentary, audiences will follow Arthur’s compelling exploration of Anthony's untold story. Arthur's determination leads him to Mexico, where he befriends Anthony and gains unprecedented access to his personal life and the people behind his transformative procedures. We witness the development of a beautiful bond between the journalist, who has never even had a tattoo, and the enigmatic Anthony. We gain a deeper understanding of Anthony's complex journey: the emotional and psychological motivations that have fuelled his ambition, interests, love life and fight against discrimination. 

The documentary is a testament to the human desire for self-expression and individuality. The film raises questions about the ethics of plastic surgery and its impact on our society. It also explores the importance of self-acceptance and the right to self-determination. 

‘The Black Alien Project’ is a captivating film, shedding light on a subculture that is often misunderstood and shrouded in controversy. Don’t miss the premiere of ‘The Black Alien Project’ on June 11th, 2023, only on C4 Docs YouTube Channel. 

Sex Rated

Sex Rated, a new studio series hosted by Rylan where single Brits will learn where they may be going wrong in love, by asking for frank feedback from their past sexual partners.

Each contributor will find out how they rate in the bedroom via the results of a no-holds-barred feedback survey by a selection of exes. On hand to offer practical advice, our sex educator, Ruby Rare will offer tips and guidance on how they can make their romantic lives better.

Ruby Rare
"I'm thrilled to be joining this show! I'm all about having more open conversations about sex and pleasure, Sex Rated is going to provide a unique way of learning about who we are between the sheets - led with kindness and curiosity. I can't wait to share my flavour of sex positivity with Channel 4 viewers."

Regardless of their age, gender, or sexuality, the series seeks to give each singleton a bespoke lesson in the ways they can achieve more fulfilling sex lives.

Kid’s TV: The Surprising Story

Konnie Huq presents a dazzling celebration of kids’ TV, showing how it has not only entranced successive generations of children, but also played a surprisingly radical role in shaping modern Britain.

One and Six Zeros

The high jeopardy quiz show where winning £1,000,000 is all about holding onto those six zeros.

A team of 3 players are just 7 questions away from winning £1,000,000. Each correct answer locks in a digit of their £1,000,000, but a wrong answer wipes a zero from their prize fund. If they’re not sure about a question, they can swap it, but each swap decreases the prize pot. Along the way, 2 players must leave the game until just one remains to face the final 2 questions and the chance to win a life-changing prize for the team.

Style Fixers

All hail the style fixers – Jamie and Alannah – who have come to resurrect your wardrobe. In each episode these fabulous friends will be given a budget of £30 and must compete to transform your clothes from drab to fab.

They can upcycle your tatty garments, they can unearth glimmering charity shop bargains, above all else, they can prove you don’t have to PAY….to SLAY! When the makeovers are complete, their clients must decide who has done best job – which of these style queens truly deserves their glittering crown?


Series 1 (6 x 30”), BBC Scotland Channel


Series 2 (6 x 30”), BBC Scotland Channel


Are you ready for some blood, sweat and sawdust? In this series two teams of charismatic wood workers go deep into the forests of Scotland on a mission. They must each chop down a sustainable tree and use it to create a lavish woodwork project for a local community. Going up against each other, they then have 24 hours to complete the best project. It could be stargazing tower, a playground climbing frame or a unique work of art. Which rough handed, yet big hearted team will meet the brief best?


Series 1 (6 x 30min), BBC Scotland Channel

Ex Rated

Imagine if you sent everyone you’ve ever slept with a questionnaire which asked what you were really like. And they brutally assessed you in every department – be it character flaws, personal style or sexual prowess.

In this series for Peacock (NBC), singletons who are wondering why they are single, must face up to a very illuminating survey. We will interview all their exes (be they 30-minute dates, one-night hook-ups or two-month relationships) and then confront our singleton with the awkward video results.

As we hang the DNA of our singleton’s personality up to dry, can this revelatory process help them learn more about who they are, how the world really sees them and how to be more dateable?

Hosted by Andy Cohen (Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen - Bravo)


Series 1 (8 x 30min), Peacock

Dear NHS Superstars

In this special one off programme, Dear NHS Superstars will see some of the country's favourite faces celebrate and pay tribute to the amazing healthcare professionals working in the NHS. From the heartfelt to the hilarious, each celebrity will share stories of personal interactions they’ve had throughout the years with NHS workers. Fronted by award winning writer, comedian and former doctor Adam Kay.


Series 1 (1 x 60 min)

The Scran Van

Chef Danny McLaren wants to show how quick it can be to make your own food instead of grabbing a takeaway - but can he tempt two revellers away from their favourite fast food?


Series 1 (1 x 30 min)


Ride My Rickshaw

Jayde Adams’ roving talk show combines exciting new talent, some of the best names in comedy, and a bonkers backdrop as they embark on a quirky adventure and interview like no other…oh and it’s all taking place in the back seat of a rickshaw!

These digital shorts were created for Channel 4’s online platforms. Nish Kumar, Diane Morgan, Phil Wang and Paul Sinha all got a seat in Jayde’s magical rickshaw!


Series 1 (4 x 3 min)



On this daily quiz show for BBC Scotland, three pairs of players are allocated five numbered balls. They take turns to pick a ball at random from a pot, and must answer questions correctly to eliminate their opponents’ balls and keep their own balls in play. Because unlike bingo, unlike a lottery, it’s the last ball left at the end of the show, the ‘WonderBall’, that could win a £2k prize.

In a tantalising twist, teams also have three chances to sell one of their balls for guaranteed cash. The question is, will they give in to temptation or hold out in the hope of winning the jackpot? Hosted by Catriona Shearer.


Series 1 (30 x 30 min)


!mpossible Celebrities

Rick Edwards hosts a celebrity version of the BBC One quiz !mpossible, where players must avoid the impossible answers to stay in the game.


Series 1 (6 x 45 min)

18 stars compete for a chance to win £10,000 for their chosen charity. Comedian Russell Kane, Paralympian Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, actor Chizzy Akudolu, Top Gear’s Rory Reid, presenter Angela Scanlon, TV personality Spencer Matthews, internet sensation Louise Pentland AKA ‘Sprinkle Of Glitter’, JB Gill from JLS, Gogglebox’s Reverend Kate Bottley, and Strictly Come Dancing’s Anton Du Beke are among the famous faces trying to give the correct answers, whilst avoiding those pesky impossible answers.


Series 2 (6 x 45 min)

The celebrity series returns with Shaun Ryder, Susan Calman, Melvin Odoom, Charlotte Crosby, Tony Christie and Lesley Joseph trying to avoid those impossible answers.



In traditional quiz shows, questions only have right answers and wrong answers. But in this quiz, there is a third dimension – get ready for the !mpossible answer.

In this daytime BBC One quiz hosted by Rick Edwards, a gigantic wall of 24 contestants can only do well if they’re able to avoid those pesky !mpossible answers.

On each day only one of them can unleash the 10,000 pound coins from the gigantic exclamation mark in the studio.


Series 1 (15 x 45 min)Series 2 (30 x 45 min)Series 3 (30 x 45 min)


Series 4 (25 x 45 min), Series 5 (20 x 45 min)


Series 6 (50 x 45 min)


Series 7 (25 x 45 min)


Series 8 (30 x 45 min)


Curious Creatures

Kate Humble hosts this BBC Two panel show all about the animal kingdom. Two teams – one captained by Chris Packham and the other by Lucy Cooke – face various rounds testing their knowledge of all beasts.

Amongst the furry fun there is the legendary ‘Whose Poo’ round, in which teams inspect animal droppings and try and discover the origin of the faeces.


Series 1 (10 x 30 min)


Series 2 (20 x 30 min)


Rage Room

Russell Kane and a celeb guest play jury to the fury in this cathartically destructive All 4 gameshow. Peeved people pitch to smash the hell out of a room that has been specially designed to embody their rage, but who will be the baseball bat wielding winner?


Series 1 (8 x 15 min)