!mpossible launched January 2017 BBC1
Recommissioned while still on air

The Format

In a traditional quiz, questions only have right answers and wrong answers. But this is the quiz with the third dimension – get ready for the !mpossible answer! It’s an answer that’s not just wrong, it couldn’t possibly be right.

In each show, our regular cast of 24 players answer multiple choice questions for the chance to win one of three places in the daily final. In this ultra-tense round, these three players battle it out for the chance to win the big-money jackpot. This prize money – made up of real coins - is locked within a giant exclamation mark at the centre of the studio set.

At the end of each episode, our winner faces one last question to trigger this life-changing cascade of 10,000 £1 coins.

The Social Buzz

  • “ New Quiz of the Week...Clever and fun” Daily Mail
  • “Loved the new BBC Daytime quiz 'Impossible', great play-along format. These things are so hard to get right. @rickedwards great host!” @richardosman
  • “Uh oh. New guilty pleasure. Given up on sugar, taken up #impossiblebbc - utterly addictive.” @pricetom
  • “New favourite quiz show = #impossiblebbc.” @ArtySej
  • “#impossiblebbc is simply brilliant. Get it on primetime @BBCOne.” @amckeag1978
  • “Just seen !mpossible and reckon it's a winner! Great format!” @Dave_Horsekov

!mpossible Series Two coming Spring 2017